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Floating Pearl Hoop Earring


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A Flux and Stone favourite. I think almost every member of our staff has a pair or variation of these gold fill hoops with pearl, not only that but most of us wear them daily.

These classic pearls will truly never go out of fashion. They are what I like to call timeless beauty, breakfast at tiffanies style.

I designed these to be super versatile, they can be fancy or simple. You can wear them with jeans and a white T-shirt or dress them up with your favourite little black dress. 

They are perfect travel earrings you can sleep in the sleeper hoops and you only need one pair of earrings for the entire trip. 

20mm Gold fill hoop. 10mm white floating pearl.

If you haven't heard of Gold fill well its a fantastic alternative to paying for solid gold. Unlike gold plate it won't wear away in just mere weeks of wearing it. With gold fill you can wear it while working out and even in the shower without worrying about it turning green. I recommend Gold fill more for those of us who love gold but don't always have the cash flow to purchase solid gold.

Jeweller recommended! I always say no point making jewellery that will just waste my time and your time. Best to make things to last. 

I used a softer gold colour so it is 14k gold fill. I find it looks best on all skin types as 18-24k gold tends to be a harder brighter yellow.