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Using All of the Skills I've Got!

Using All of the Skills I've Got!

Well I'm back from Scotland and I went right back into work.
I've already made over 300 pairs of studs in the last week and I’m getting right back into my casting.

It's the time of year that I have to make stock for the summer. While part of Canada is still covered in snow, you bet I’m thinking summer. It's insane how fast summer creeps up on all of us makers that sell at summer markets.

Speaking of coming up fast - it’s also the time of year to apply for all the Christmas markets too! I absolutely can't stand filling out these applications because it takes hours and hours and hours of my time. Not to mention that my shoulder seizes up at the computer. Luckily, I was gifted the most wonderful assistant ever who helped me do things like this. This girl reminds me that there is a God (and to any of you makers out there who also struggle with things like this, there are people who actually enjoy doing these things out there to help!) I highly recommend hiring assistant to do the things that you're just not very good at.

This year, I'm trying to be extremely organized. I’m applying for all of these shows now, so that I’m not scrambling to find winter shows while I’m busting my butt selling at the summer markets!
I'm growing up and using all of the skills I've got!

I'm most excited about being back in the studio and creating all of the things that I want to. I just ordered my very own electroplating bath and rectifier. I can start making my own beautifully electroplated crystals and found objects. I learned about electroplating about five years ago at Pilchuck glass school. Unfortunately at the time, I don't think I paid enough attention. No sweat - I'm just going to have to reteach myself! That’s a little bit scary all while being very exciting.
The man I purchased it from told me it's just like riding a very dangerous bike. 

I have some truly amazing equipment in my studio. No reason not to create completely individual and amazingly creative pieces now! I get to showcase my style and share all my new creations with everyone. I was up till about midnight last night working on finishing the organic cast silver pieces I had made just before I left for Scotland. I also set up different organic objects for a casting that will be doing tomorrow!

Stay posted on Instagram for pictures of my new work!

If you’ll excuse me, it’s time to get up and crush it in the studio.

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