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  • Sailing in Bella Bella

    Posted on October 13 2017


    Time for an update

    I'm here in Bella Bella taking a well-deserved week off to tour the West Coast with some very wonderful human beings. My summer months were amazing I couldn't be more proud of where my business is going. I received so much love from customers; I’ve helped them find jewellery that made them light up from within. I can honestly say with all my heart I truly love my job

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  • Using All of the Skills I've Got!

    Posted on February 21 2017

    Using All of the Skills I've Got!

    Right back at it!

    I'm most excited about being back in the studio and creating all of the things that I want to. I just ordered my very own electroplating bath and rectifier.
    The man I purchased it from told me that remembering how to electroplate is just like riding a very dangerous bike.

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  • It's my birthday and I'll go to Scotland if I want to

    Posted on January 18 2017

    It's my birthday and I'll go to Scotland if I want to

    Adventure Awaits

    Well my bags are packed and I'm ready to go; I am off to Scotland on my 32nd birthday to discover new parts of the beautiful coast of the beautiful country I was born in! I'm really excited to go hunting for amethyst crystals in the river not far from my house in Scotland.

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