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Here's To Not Being Afraid of New Adventures

Here's To Not Being Afraid of New Adventures

Well the Christmas season is over and I'm all snuggled up on the sofa binge watching Netflix.

I'm giving myself three days before I get back in the studio.

I have learned from years past that I take the off season months for granted. Then during the summer, all I do is work markets, come home and make stock, then rinse and repeat. This year I’ve decided to put these off season months to great use and make all my stock before I start my summer market season.

But first I have to relax - which I’ll be able to do fully once I clean the house from top to bottom. With the busy season behind us where things came up and stuff was put to the side; now I finally feel like I have space to rip apart cupboards and tidy everything. I always say, there's nothing better than the feeling of a clean house and a spotless kitchen. The feeling of relief when you come down the stairs first thing in the morning, look around, and your house is clean - I’m not sure I can even put it into words.


My studio is close to being completed, and it’s so cozy & warm. Every day, when the sunlight pours in, it is the most beautiful place in the world! This space is the best I've ever had to be creative in; and it's all thanks to my sweet loving partner Nathan (what a blessing I have in my life!)

I'm actually really looking forward to the next couple of weeks of creating! I'm finally going to get working with my new silver vacuum casting machine and creating cast organic objects which is been a dream of mine for so many years. I also have a rolling mill which I'm very excited to get working on. Lately, I've been rolling clay through the rolling mill and making the most beautiful printed patterns with it. Leaves,feathers and all sorts of different creative things.

I'm also looking into buying some electroforming equipment. As some of you may have noticed on my Instagram, I’ve posted photos of some pretty cool metal covered shriveled up apples and Japanese lanterns. Electroforming is something that I learned to do at Pilchuck Glass School many moons ago, and I've always had a yearning to do it again. I'm just waiting on electroforming equipment to be sent to me!


On my 32nd birthday, January 18, I will be on a flight back to Scotland for the first time in four years. Bringing along my love to go and visit my sweet aunt and my dad. I'm so excited to go back to Scotland and see all of the beautiful things. So be sure to follow me on Instagram and I’ll do my best to regale you with tales from my Scottish adventures.

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